October 31, 2006

Halloween In Ethiopia

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Since there's no Halloween here, the whole family paraded down the street to the local kiosk to the amusement of passersby, and all the kids got lollipops.

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Jasmine -- the gate keeper

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Shane the chetah-- appropriate since i had to take about 20 photos of him to get one where he was standing still

aDSC06727 (1).jpg
Layli -- the tiger. She really wanted to carve all of the pumpkins by herself.

aDSC06721 (1).jpg
I didn't know tigers ate bananas.

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Yonatan -- a Piccachu -- This was Yonatan's first Halloween and he was full of questions. "Are we going to eat the pumpkins? Are we going to sleep in our costumes? Will the pumpkins stay like that all year? Can we wear our costumes to school?"

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Jasmine was rather annoyed that she had to pose for this picture. She said, "I'm the gate keeper. I gotta go stand by the door."

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The kids voted on their favorite pumpkin -- and Dagm's pumpkin won.

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