January 17, 2006

Shane & Yonathon's First Day

Today was Shane and Yonathon's first day of school. (Dagm and Jasmine started yesterday).

I thought we would get a call around 8:30 AM asking for us to pick up Shane -- cause he can be a handful. But when I picked him up at 12:15, I met his teacher. She was really bright and loving -- and she said she really enjoyed Shane. He was a good boy and he had a lot of fun --although he tried to take another child's snack. When I arrived Shane was really happy to meet me. He yelled "Mommy!" as he always does when I come home from being out. He was full of questions like "Where Daddy?" "Where the car?" I think school is the perfect thing for Shane. When we left he gave his teacher a kiss, which says a lot about his teacher. So far, any other stranger that comes near him gets a "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo" and/or a hit or a kick.

Shane's First Day of School

Today was also Yonathon's first day of school. We weren't sure how old he was or what grade he would go into. But the "community" (three witnesses who knew his mother) decided that he was 6 and born on Oct 16, 1999. That sounds about right to me. Today they gave him an assessment test. Although he seems to be advanced in is own language (Amharic) he knows very little English. Since this is an English speaking school, they have decided to put him in "KG" which is the same class as Jasmine. When they came home from school today, they both had homework. Yonathon zipped through it -- so I'm guessing that he may advance a grade after he picks up English. He already has picked up a little -- like "no" when you tell him to eat his spinach.

Yonathon's First Day of School

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