February 20, 2006

Introducing Scrappy Doo (Yep, Another Dog)

OK, so we were a little weak. We were driving down a road near our house, and we saw a kid holding a little puppy, about the size of his hands. Zelalem stopped the car. All the kids were in the back seat chanting "Let's get him, let's get him!" Zelalem said, "What do you think?" Before I could say "But we just got a puppy four weeks ago" the kid had pushed the puppy through the open window to the screaming delight of the children -- and Zelalem was reaching into his wallet to pay the kid his 15 BIRR (about US$1.50)

So now we have a Scooby Doo, who is about 5 months old, and a Scrappy Doo. The kid said that Scrappy Doo was about 2 weeks old. This worried me because I remembered as a child that puppies need to be with their mom til they're 8 weeks old. So I got on the Internet to figure out a strategy. I took one of Layli's bottles and marked it with giant black Xs so noone would try to give it to Layli after the puppy had been sucking on it.

Long story short, Scrappy Doo has seemed to survive her infant hood, and she is now a happy puppy. It became quite clear very quickly that Scooby Doo is to Shane as Scrappy Doo is to Layli. Enjoy the pictures....

Introducing Scrappy Doo
Introducing Scrappy Doo!

Layli and Scrappy
Layli and Scrappy are both innocent little babies. They are both sweet and cuddly and love to be fed and loved.

aDSC04940 (1).jpg

DSC04964 (1).jpg

DSC04971 (1).jpg

Shane and Scooby
Shane and Scooby are typical preschoolers. Both seem to get into a lot of trouble. They run around all day creating mischief, going where they aren't supposed to, and stealing food from unsuspecting diners.

DSC04882 (1).jpg

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