February 25, 2006

Family Portrait: A Family of Seven

Here we are! Our first photo as a family of seven. It's really hard to get seven people (especially with kids) to all have a half-way decent expression for a family portait.

I don't think Zelalem and I expected that we'd ever be a family of seven. How do you go somewhere in one car (espcially when you can't afford to pay the over 100% tax on vans and SUVs here in Ethiopia), or go on a plane trip to visit the grandparents? But here we happily are.... we went from zero to five kids in five years. What a ride.

Starting with the back row is Zelalem, Gail holding Layli (1) and Dagm (14) holding Scooby Doo (4 months). In the front row is Jasmine (5) holding Scrappy Doo (about 1 month), Shane (2.5), and Yonathan (6).

Amare Family

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