March 02, 2006

Sleeping Arrangements

Back in November, we put everything we own in a 40 foot container and sent it off to sea. We half way expected to never see our stuff again, but we were also half way expecting to see it on the other side a couple weeks after we got here around Jan 15. Needless to say, it's now March 2 and we are still not sleeping in our beds. Dagm, Yonathon and Shane have been sharing a double bed, and when Jasmine gets her way, she sneaks in too. And everynight when we go to check on them before going to bed, we are met with a humorous site. We couldn't help but takes some pictures....

DSC05042 (1).jpg
I think Yonathon must be dreaming about running, because we always find him in this same running pose.

DSC05044 (1).jpg

DSC05046 (1).jpg
Notice Shane's legs...

DSC05047 (1).jpg
We had to call a locksmith to get them undone.

DSC05049 (1).jpg
Yes, that is Shane sleeping vertically.

DSC05052 (1).jpg
It's probably for the best that Shane sleeps this way, because he has been known to wake up and punch whoever happens to be sleeping next to him. (I guess that's better than throwing up on them which is what he did in the first couple of weeks.)

DSC05057 (1).jpg
And one of little Layli too.

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