June 2004

June 05, 2004 Lipstick Face

June 05, 2004 Shane Face

June 11, 2004 Trip to the Ocean
- On June 11 2004, we went on a camping trip at the Ocean in Virginia Beach. The car was packed to the max! Shane help up his feet so he wouldn't get sand on them. Jasmine talked about building a...

June 20, 2004 Father's Day
- Father's Day -- June 20. Breakfast in Bed!...

June 24, 2004 Dagm's 13th Birthday
- Dagm turned 13 on June 24th. We had a family party on the 24th, and then several friends came over on the 26th. a href="http://www.amarefamily.com/blog/archives/DSC02446w.jpg">...